To Whom It May Concern-

  My wife and I lived in our home for over 18 years. Finally after waiting for circumstances to align perfectly, we felt that the time had come to purchase a new home.  We thought that naively that a “Realtor was just a Realtor” and just about anyone would work considering we were plenty capable of finding our own home. We quickly learned that there is SO much more to a Realtor than just someone to show property.  We quickly discovered that all Realtors are not made equal. We met Dan Adler completely by accident. It was an inadvertent meeting and we quickly felt at ease and comfortable with his no pressure-yet confident style.  After another interview, it was apparent that Dan was qualified and had training in ways that other Realtors we had dealt with did not.  The particular property we were pursuing was a short sale. Several offers by other buyers had failed to close. Dan expertly negotiated with the other Realtors and sellers, but more importantly, he SUCCESSFULLY NEGOTIATED WITH BANKERS AND LEIN HOLDERS. He closed the deal on our dream home, and mind you, he did it for the same purchase price that several others had failed to complete previously.

  Through the whole process he never over promised what he could deliver and most importantly he never under delivered what he promised. One trait that stands out was that every phone call, e-mail, or text by us, was followed up and responded to by him in a timely manner. It has been refreshing to work with a quality person of honesty and integrity. He truly is a professional in whom I don’t hesitate to give my highest recommendation.

John and Lenore C

Dear Dan-Thought I would write and thank you for all your help and counsel in selling my residence on Linden Place in Tucson. In the process of selling this home I don’t think I could have picked a more experienced and dedicated real estate agent than you. As you know this sale came at a very traumatic time in my life and the experience I had with you as a Realtor was one of great relief for me. Your understanding and willingness to give me all the assistance possible, and more, was a great help and relief and I want to express my gratitude for all the kindness you offered me. Rest assured that you are at the top of the list for your experience in handling such sales when I or any of my friends are in the market to buy or sell a home. Again, thank you so much for all that you have done, my appreciation for your help is boundless. You have my utmost respect and gratitude for all of the time you spent with me and with bringing this transaction to a successful conclusion. Very Sincerely Yours, Robert H.

To Whom It May Concern-We came to Dan Adler and The Dan Adler Team after several months of frustration with another Realtor. Dan was very honest and forthcoming. Dan reassured us that if he didn’t feel he could help us that he would be happy to refer us to someone he felt would be able to better assist us. That wasn’t the case at all! Dan took our difficult situation very seriously and held our hand through the process, which quite frankly is what we needed at the time. Dan gave us timely information without us having to ask for it. The communication was second-to-none. The difference between Dan and the Realtor we had used before was nothing short of amazing. The traffic started rolling into our home. The personal attention The Dan Adler Team gave us was priceless! The market is very tough in this area right now and amazingly enough we had an offer in the first 30 days and closed in under 45. Dan is honest, caring, informative and hard working. Thanks Dan! I have already told my friends about you! Kristi K.

Dan-I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you and your team did trying to find my home new people to enjoy it.  I hope all the best to you, and as I have friends who are looking to sell their homes I will make referrals to you and The Dan Adler Team.


Dear Dan-Just a quick thank you. This real estate experience was excellent. You are reliable and courteous and we will use your services again in the future!


To All-I would without a doubt, use The Dan Adler Team for any future purchases or home sales I would need. I will and already have recommended Dan to friends and relatives if they were to buy or sell a home. In fact, Dan was able to assist my daughter and her husband in getting their first home. I would not use anyone other than Dan Adler to assist us in the future. We not only consider Dan “our” real estate professional, we consider Dan, now as our friend.

Melinda D.

Dan-I appreciate your reliability, courteous service and concern. You changed my mind about what a real estate professional should be! Thank you.


Dear Dan Adler Team-I want to express my appreciation for the excellent service you provided me in finding my new home. As a first time home buyer, I thought the process of searching for and purchasing a new home would be grueling and overwhelming, but you were able to make it a smooth and easy experience for me. Most comforting was the time you took in explaining each step of the home purchasing process; you were so patient with me and I find that to be a rare find in the industry. Your professionalism and attentiveness kept me confident that you would find the perfect home for me. I always felt you had my best interests in mind and really took the time to get to know me and my needs. Your strong work ethic truly paid off for me because I am so happy in my new home! Your extensive knowledge of the real estate industry coupled with friendly and personable service is what will bring me back to you for my future real estate needs as well as my continuance to recommend your services to family and friends. Thank you again for all your hard work! Christie M.

To Whom it May Concern: I’m so glad that I chose The Dan Adler Team to help me buy this house. What a great deal you negotiated for us! Alex said you were very knowledgeable in the real estate trade, but you “WOWED” me! Thanks for everything.  I will tell all my family and friends about you when we need anything real estate based.


Dan-Devin and I just wanted to say “thank you” again! We would never been able to make all of this happen without you!

Ashley and Devin

Dear Dan-You have made our adventure in house hunting a real pleasure! I will refer potential buyers and sellers to you anytime!


Dan-Our experience with you was a wonderful. I did not have to worry about the updates on selling our home as you always called us with any news. If I knew our experience in selling and purchasing a home would be like this, we would have done it sooner. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house. I would not use anyone other than The Dan Adler Team to help us find a home in the future. You are a good, honest person and that is something anyone would be looking for to help them buy or sell a home.

Ray D.