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Because All Realtors Are Not The Same!

Because All Realtors Are Not The Same!                                  In all candor, who you are in business with matters. In today’s real estate market it really matters! If you needed major surgery on your knee you would hire the best surgeon right? Of course you would. You wouldn’t hire someone from a billboard or bus stop sign […]

The Future of Mortgage Interest Tax Benefits

Mortgage Interest Deduction This term has been splashed across the front pages of many media outlets. What is it and what does it mean for today’s homeowners?   The “mortgage interest deduction”, or MID, is a way for homeowners to recoup some of the cost associated with interest paid on mortgage loans for qualifying houses […]

Short Term Rentals Growing in Popularity

Personal, Financial Investment Returns Make Short-term Rentals Ever More Popular   The short-term rental market – largely seconds homes and vacation rentals  – is alive and well, thanks largely to online portals thrusting this unique form of accommodations into the limelight.   The risks associated with short term rental investments can include governmental oversight, community scrutiny and the costs […]

Get tax help from IRS at Saturday session

The IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center in Tucson will be open next Saturday to answer taxpayers’ questions and help with tax-filing issues. “During the expanded Saturday hours, taxpayers will be able to address economic hardship issues, make payment arrangements or get help claiming any of the special tax breaks in last year’s American Recovery and Reinvestment […]

4th Avenue Street Fair

NOTE: For directions to the Fair, click here! There are two Street Fairs per year, one in spring and one in winter. The next Street Fair is March 19, 20, 21, 2010. Hours are 10 am to 6 pm each day. The Street Fair takes place between Ninth Street and University Blvd. along Fourth Avenue. […]

New Houses Are Popping Up-Dan Adler Team Has The Deals and the List!

At the peak of the housing market, bulldozers scraped swaths of the desert surrounding Tucson in anticipation of future growth. Then job losses and dwindling paychecks forced people out of homes rather than into them. The housing market tanked, and developers left behind bladed tracts or partially built subdivisions. But the dirt is flying again […]

Biosphere 2 Ready for New Research

Biosphere 2, that grand experiment with a checkered history, is being readied for new research conducted by the University of Arizona. Tuesday evening, Dr. Travis Huxman discussed plans for the facility with a group of about 30 people at the Cushing Street Bar. Huxman, who has a doctorate in biological sciences, and is an associate […]

101 Things We Do For Our Sellers

The majority of the work done for our sellers at The Dan Adler Team is “behind the scenes”.  So we thought we’d shed a little light on some of the things we do, that sets us apart from our competition. To see if the Dan Adler Team is the right match for your Tucson, Oro […]

The Lending Collapse of 2009

This is a 60 Minutes (CBS) video regarding what occurred in the mortgage industry and secondary market in 2008/2009.  One of the best pieces done about the mortgage crisis that we have seen thus far. It attempts to eliminate the “lawyer speak” so we can understand the real reasons why so many American’s are facing a foreclosure or […]

I Owe More Than My Home Is Worth!

I hear this all the time. What consumer sellers don’t hear is that they have more options than the banks ever want them to know. A quick call to The Dan Adler Team will provide you with answers to some of the most common questions for sellers facing foreclosure or eviction. The key is to […]