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Tips to Help Your Home Sell Fast

What Can I Do To Sell My Home?     It’s a question that all sellers ask, yet, many are still searching for answers. At one time, houses flew off the market but today’s market conditions have changed.  With the flood of foreclosures, short sales, and excess inventory, some houses sit for a long time […]

Single Family Homes In A Growth Spurt?

The Changing Landscape of Single-Family Homes   As household spending and income adapt to meet the needs of today’s economic conditions, new single-family home have followed suite. In a surprise divergence from recent trends, homes seem to be on a growth spurt again.   According to the latest Census Bureau data homes for the first […]

Want to Impress a Buyer?

Entryway Impressions Homeowners who have decided to stay put as well as sellers looking for ways to impress should pay close attention to the look and feel of their entryways.   We all know the power first impressions has over our society. We make snap-judgements of books, homes, and people in the first few moments […]

Because All Realtors Are Not The Same!

Because All Realtors Are Not The Same!                                  In all candor, who you are in business with matters. In today’s real estate market it really matters! If you needed major surgery on your knee you would hire the best surgeon right? Of course you would. You wouldn’t hire someone from a billboard or bus stop sign […]

The Future of Mortgage Interest Tax Benefits

Mortgage Interest Deduction This term has been splashed across the front pages of many media outlets. What is it and what does it mean for today’s homeowners?   The “mortgage interest deduction”, or MID, is a way for homeowners to recoup some of the cost associated with interest paid on mortgage loans for qualifying houses […]

Short Term Rentals Growing in Popularity

Personal, Financial Investment Returns Make Short-term Rentals Ever More Popular   The short-term rental market – largely seconds homes and vacation rentals  – is alive and well, thanks largely to online portals thrusting this unique form of accommodations into the limelight.   The risks associated with short term rental investments can include governmental oversight, community scrutiny and the costs […]

Forclosure Sales Dropping Early in 2012

To search for Arizona foreclosures click here. Nevada has long held the No. 1 spot for the most foreclosures in the nation. And while it still does, a dramatic shift is taking place in the state. Foreclosure sales dropped 40 percent in February in Nevada, according to foreclosure data of western states by ForeclosureRadar.  Other […]

Keller Williams Southern Arizona is Hiring!

If you are looking for a very rewarding high paced career where layoffs and fear over the economy has got you down, e-mail Dan Adler at Keller Williams Southern Arizona. We are currently hiring new and experienced agents to fill a large gap in Arizona’s desperate need for top sales associates. Build your own schedule, with […]

Keller Williams Eyes Number 1 Ranking in North America!

  Keller Williams Realty Climbs to Second-Largest Real Estate Franchise in United States   Goals set for worldwide expansion to add 75,000 international associates   AUSTIN, TEXAS (March 8, 2011)—Keller Williams® Realty Inc., announced today that it is now the second-largest real estate franchise in the United States based on the total number of sales […]

Has There Ever Been A Better Time to Buy?

down in monthly and yearly comparisons. The median price – the point at which half of homes sold for more and half for less – dropped to $149,450, down 9.4 percent from June 2009. The median sales price for May 2010 was $151,000, the MLS reported. The average sale price also dropped about 9.4 percent […]